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AWARE Week 2020

At XTC we pride ourselves on trying to be a responsible dive center… we are people that care about the planet (in particular a healthy ocean) and we do our best to be as sustainable as possible and minimize our impact on the environment. No, we’re not perfect, no-one is, but we try… and we are open to any ideas that can make us better as well.

XTC is a Project AWARE partner and 100% AWARE dive center! Project AWARE is a not-for-profit ocean conservation charity based in the USA and UK. They take action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities that depend on it.

Part of being a 100% AWARE partner means that we make a donation to Project AWARE on behalf of all of our students, whenever we certify them for any PADI course. Project AWARE uses these donations to fund ocean conservation projects all around the World. To show their appreciation Project AWARE awards each participating student diver with a special edition AWARE diver certification card.

Project AWARE aims to promote awareness about ocean conservation and so, every year, they do an AWARE Week. Dive Centers from all around the globe make events to raise awareness and get people involved in their local area.

From 19th to 27th September we will be hosting an AWARE Week and inviting guests to take part in Dives Against Debris, Beach cleans, quiz night, marine animal presentations and much more! The week aims to raise awareness surrounding the issues of ocean conservation and get people involved in helping to clean the ocean and surrounding area.


19/9 Opening Quiz Night with buffet

20/9 Dive Against Debris

21/9 Beach clean

22 & 23/9 Marine Presentations

25/9 Beach clean

26/9 Closing Presentation with buffet

We are also offering 1/2 price PROJECT AWARE SPECIALTIES all week! Subject to availability and booking.

If this sounds like something that would interest you (if you’re a diver, it should!) then please contact us to find out more and book your place on

For more information about Project AWARE, visit

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 Remember… all dive centers should want to do more to support a healthy ocean so, if you’re a diver, do your homework and make sure you support the ones that do try.



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