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Duck Diving After a Scuba Dive

Have you ever finished a dive, surfaced, gotten back on the boat, turned off your kit, just to have one of your buddies yell “dolphins!!!”, and point at a pod of the beautiful creatures nearby? If you have, you most likely wanted to toss on

The Importance of Parrotfish Conservation

Parrotfish play an increasingly important role in the health and function of coral reefs and accompanying ecosystems. As human demands on the environment continually increase, protecting and conserving key organisms and ecosystems like the parrotfish is paramount to the survival of the coral reef and

Pesca en alta mar y áreas marinas protegidas

Durante siglos, pensamos en el océano como una fuente de alimento enorme y casi interminable. Hoy, tras décadas de pesca costera insostenible y kilómetros de pesca con arrastreros en lo profundo del océano, esa afirmación inicial parece cada vez más dudosa. Durante este breve blog,

The Importance of Mangrove Ecosystems

Mangrove forests are an integral part of global coastal ecosystems, covering over 53,190 square miles of coastline. Very few species of trees in the world can tolerate such high levels of salty, poorly oxygenated water. The 80 or so species of mangroves all regulate otherwise

High Seas Fishing and Marine Protected Areas

For centuries, we thought of the ocean as a huge and almost never-ending source of food. Today, after decades of unsustainable coastal fishing and supertrawlers fishing kilometers deep into the ocean, that initial affirmation is looking more and more dubious. During this short blog, we

Cómo es el buceo en Xcalak?

Imagina que estás caminando en medio de un bosque en un hermoso día de primavera. Al principio, todavía puedes ver la ciudad que dejaste atras y sigues escuchando algo de tráfico en las carreteras, pero a medida que caminas más y más en el sendero,

What are Tarpon?

We are incredibly lucky to have resident populations of Tarpon in Xcalak Marine Park, but so many people have never seen or even heard about them, so here are some interesting facts… COMMON NAME: Atlantic Tarpon SCIENTIFIC NAME: Megalops Atlanticus CLASS: Actinopterygii FAMILY: Megalopidae SIZE:

Oceanographic Monitoring at Xcalak

The Mexican Caribbean is recognized worldwide due to its spectacular reef scenic values, high biodiversity, tourism-economic incomes, and current social pressure drivers. Thus, oceanographic research in this important area is needed. At El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR-Chetumal), a Public Research Center of the

AWARE Week 2020

At XTC we pride ourselves on trying to be a responsible dive center… we are people that care about the planet (in particular a healthy ocean) and we do our best to be as sustainable as possible and minimize our impact on the environment. No,

Being AWARE!

Now, more than ever, it seems that our eyes have been opened to the plight of the oceans. The human race has continued to use the planet’s resources and carry on their way of life without consideration to what they are doing to the planet.



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