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El pueblo de Xcalak

¿Estás buscando un lugar remoto para pasar tus vacaciones? ¿Has querido visitar las playas del Caribe Mexicano? ¿Conocer nuevos lugares para bucear y practicar snorkel? Si has respondido que sí a todas las preguntas, ¡ven a visitarnos a Xcalak! Xcalak, que en lengua Maya significa

Xcalak Town

Looking for a remote place to spend your holidays? Want to learn Mexican culture? Fancy new diving or snorkelling adventures? If you answered yes to all of these questions, Xcalak is probably the best place for your next trip. According to the Mayan language, the

Buceando para un océano limpio

A todos nos gustaría vivir en un planeta lleno de vida, lugares increíbles y naturaleza rodeándonos. Pero para que eso pase tenemos que cuidar de nosotros y nuestro planeta. Lamentablemente, los seres humanos hemos contaminado este planeta por años, creando daños irreparables y otros que

Dive Against Debris

We live on a lovely planet full of wonderful places and natural surprises. In order to keep that way we have to care for ourselves, and others. Unfortunately, human nature has led us to continually polluting the beautiful planet that we live on. As divers,

Croc Season Has Started for XTC

Croc season has started for XTC! Every year from June to September, we travel with small groups to Banco Chinchorro for an epic 3-day adventure of diving the atoll reefs and snorkeling with American Crocodiles in the sea grass beds. These giant reptiles are often

IDC June 2021

Have you ever gone on a guided trip somewhere you’ve never been with people you’ve never met having no idea how it’s going to turn out- and had the time of your life? Well it’s a little bit like that when you become a dive

Women in Diving

A few months ago, I did my PADI Instructor Development Course here at XTC. The course consisted of three women and two men. It wasn’t the first time in my diving career that I had been surrounded by mostly women, and I’m sure it won’t

Take your underwater videos to the next level!

You’ve got your underwater camera in-hand, you found the turtle cleaning station, the star of the show arrives – a massive algae covered green sea turtle approaches you with twelve surgeon fish on its back, cleaning away. You set your exposure, frame it up, you

A day in Banco Chinchorro Reserve

As I sat with my fellow divers watching the sun rise over the Caribbean, I struggled to think of a better time and/or location to receive a dive briefing for my highly anticipated trip to Banco Chinchorro. The divemaster certainly knew how to get our



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