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Congratulations to our new divers for the month of April!

Here at XTC Dive Center, we love fun diving, but we love teaching other people to dive even more! This month, we’ve had loads of new certifications, from Open Water Divers, to Rescue Divers, and even a few speciality courses.

This month started with Bella from New Orleans, obtaining her Open Water certification! At 10 years old, she’s the perfect example of starting them young. We can’t wait to see what underwater adventures she gets up to with her family as she carries on discovering the marine world.

Later, Sarah and Sam from Seattle joined us to do their Divemaster Internship Training. They’re still here, working on their DM, but they had to finish up their Rescue Course before they could start anything else. It was an intense 2 days, but they passed with flying colors, and are now equipped to deal with any in water problems! Their favorite part of the rescue course was learning how to tow tired divers back to the boat, because now they can tow each other when one of them requests it.

Just last week, we had a group of twelve people join us from all over the world! Three of them, Oscar, Be and Celine, completed their Open Water certifications with us. They did swimmingly, and are now frog-kicking through the water like they’ve been doing it their whole lives. Six of their friends, Emily, Mahad, Rhiannon, Natalia, Florence, and Be, completed their Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. They loved exploring the deeper side of the reef on the Deep Dive, perfecting their buoyancy with the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, and learning about fish and invertebrates on their Fish ID and Underwater Naturalist dives! They are also now experts at underwater compass use, thanks to the Underwater Navigation dive.

And finally, a few days ago, three of our Divemaster Trainees, Sam, Sarah, and Ethan, as well as Lorenza from Cuernavaca, completed our Nitrox Specialty Course. This course allows divers to use enriched air with higher percentages of Oxygen, allowing you to extend your bottom time and maximize your underwater experience. With an Nitrox certification, you can be sure that you’re taking full advantage of every dive.

That’s all for April! We can’t wait to see what May has in store for us. We have planned for several of our Divemaster Trainees to finish their training, as well as an Instructor Development Course, which will see Divemasters become Scuba Instructors! One of the best parts of diving is watching people’s love for the ocean lead them on the professional path of scuba, and we can’t wait to see what incredible instructors we have by the end of the month. If you’re interested in becoming a Divemaster or Instructor, please give us an email at



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