Join American Crocodile Encounters in Banco Chinchorro

XTC Dive Center is now operating expeditions to facilitate close encounters with American Crocodiles (Cocodrylus Acutus) on the remote Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Banco Chinchorro at 800 km2 is the largest coral reef atoll in the northern hemisphere.

Being a Biosphere Reserve with no permanent settlements and very limited access, it is among the last few truly unspoilt, majestic natural wonders remaining.

In and around Cayo Centro, the largest island of three that are on the atoll, lives one of the largest known populations of American Crocodiles.

Due to their interaction with the small group of seasonal fishermen in the reseve, they have become accustomed to coming out to clear, shallow water where we can facilitate some truly close encounters with large, and often multiple, crocodiles.

We are currently taking only small groups of no more than six experienced divers on a very limited basis. Ensuring we don’t alter their behavioral and feeding habits, we are also restricting the amount of trips we run every year. We are working with outfitters and groups who specialize in, and look for, big animal encounters.

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