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Join American Crocodile Encounters

The final frontier for water enthusiasts!

At XTC, we can provide an experience like no other- the chance to swim with the American Crocodiles of the remote Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve.

We are currently taking only small groups of no more than seven experienced divers on a very limited basis.


The American Crocodile

One of the most unique creatures of the Yucatan peninsula is the American crocodile. Our croc encounters, which began in 2014 at the southern end of Cayo Centro, have seen around 20 individuals in total, 13 of which normally come into contact with us, with around 6-8 visiting regularly.


3 day/
2 night trip

During the 3 day/2 night trip, you’ll get a chance to dive the stunning reefs of Banco Chinchorro once a day while our guides hunt for lionfish with which to lure the crocs to our doorstep.

Once the dive is completed and breakfast is served, the rest of the days will be spent in rotations of 2 guests in the water with at least 1 experienced croc guide.

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