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Croc Encounters

Crocodile Encounters.
The final frontier for water enthusiasts!

At XTC, we can provide an experience like no other- the chance to swim with the American Crocodiles of the remote Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve.

Banco Chinchorro is the largest coral reef atoll in the northern hemisphere.

With no permanent settlements and very limited access, it is among the last few truly unspoiled, natural wonders remaining.

In and around Cayo Centro, the largest island of three that are on the atoll, lives one of the largest known populations of American Crocodiles. Over 400 individuals have been identified by biologists.

Due to their interaction with the small group of seasonal fishermen in the reserve, they have become accustomed to venturing out of the mangroves to clear, shallow water where we can facilitate some truly close encounters with large, and often multiple, crocodiles.

Being in the water with these big crocs is an absolute dream for photographers, videographers and nature lovers. With multiple spotters watching from above, an experienced guide at your side and a 4+ meter croc just inches from your lens, the photo opportunities are many and the results are astounding!

We are currently taking only small groups of no more than seven experienced divers on a very limited basis. Ensuring we don’t alter their behavioral and feeding habits, the number of trips we run each year is limited. We work together with outfitters and groups who specialize in, and seek out, big animal encounters.

These trips are highly supervised with safety being of the utmost concern. For our guests and our crocs…

During the 3 day/2 night trip, you’ll get a chance to dive the stunning reefs of Banco Chinchorro once a day while our guides hunt for lionfish with which to lure the crocs to our doorstep. Once the dive is completed and breakfast is served, the rest of the days will be spent in rotations of 2 guests in the water with at least 1 experienced croc guide. All meals are tasty and plentiful and taken at our fisherman’s lodge. Chef Dalmain, from XTC’s Coral Bar & Grill, will prep everything for the 3 day trip and can account for any food preferences, allergies, etc.

We recommend that our guests pack as light as possible. There’s no need for many toiletries, changes of clothes, etc. Save your space for cameras, housings, extra batteries and strobes. Pelican cases to keep your belongings dry will be provided for you. Skin and eye protection are a must as the sun can be relentless when you are out of the water. Bug repellent is always a good idea. Most nights in Chinchorro offer a gentle breeze which keeps the mosquitos and chaquistas away, but when the wind stops, they come out.

The facilities are rudimentary- just a small fishing hut built on the water a few hundred meters from the mangrove forests. There is no running water (we will bring a small amount to rinse your face with once daily), no electricity (but we do run a small portable generator until the early evening so that you can keep camera batteries charged up) and no internet.

There are no modern conveniences, whatsoever. But sleeping in a hammock under the stars in an area with no light pollution after a day in the water with one of the most majestic marine creatures on Earth is an experience that will be with you for a lifetime. And should you forget, you’ll still have your awe-inspiring photos!

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