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About Xcalak

The town of Xcalak, the southernmost on the Mexican Caribbean coastline, has become a model for sustainable eco-tourism in the Meso-American Reef System area in the last ten years for its conservation status, a result of a well thought out and implemented plan, as well as for its privileged location and heritage.

Xcalak is located within the Xcalak Reef National Marine Park, a Federal Marine Park with strict environmental regulations, both in the water and out.

It has been a focal point in the study of natural resource management and a priority area for the Federal Government, The World Bank´s World Wildlife Fund and for many other researchers and naturalists.

It is not unusual for marine biologists doing a dissertation, high level conservation bureaucrats or professional photographers to join us on the dive boat.

When you come to Xcalak you will find an eclectic community of lifelong residents, expatriates and sustainable-tourism entrepreneurs working togehter to provide you with a collection of small beach inns, guesthouses and eco-tour operations that make Xcalak a hidden gem for people looking for that last unspoiled frontier.

If it´s isolation (the good kind), overwhelming natural beauty and an authentic, well-worn fishing village as a backdrop setting for your vacation you seek, then you´ll be coming back to Xcalak over and over like many of our devoted return customers.

You can dive or go on excursions with XTC Dive Center no matter where you stay in Xcalak. There are mid-range hotels, inns, guesthouses and private homes on the beach road going north as well as a campground and budget accommodations in town.

There are a few properties specially suited for easy pick-up/access to take advantage of XTC´s famous full-valet diving services.

Drop us a line with your budget, group size and other ideas and the team @ XTC will work with you to make sure you have the best possible vacation in Xcalak.

By helping countless travelers make arrangements to visit Xcalak we have established relationships with car rental companies that will drop-off/pick-up cars in Xcalak (in case you want to continue on to, or are coming from, San Pedro in Belize); and hotels on the way to Cancún airport.

We have come to understand which area attractions and itineraries you would enjoy while visiting us.

We will gladly answer any questions or give you a recommendation. We’re here to help!

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